Disclaimer for the grease separator calculation module

The sizing of grease separator systems is based on the standards and regulations in accordance with EN 1825-2:2005-05.

The standard stipulates the following methods for sizing:

  • Measurement of the wastewater flow
  • Calculation according to operating mode
  • Calculation on the basis of kitchen equipment
  • Special calculation for special operations (ATV M767)

Requests and orders set effective by community statutes need to be discussed with the respective communal regulatory authorities.

In order to determine the correct nominal size, KESSEL recommends calculation of the maximum grey water flow Qs on the basis of at least two different calculation models. The respective higher flow value must be assumed for the calculation of the nominal size.

The hard copies produced by this program can be presented to the communal regulatory authorities responsible.

Disclaimer: damage replacement claims of a user, regardless of the legal basis, due to malfunction of the software or violation of any other obligations are excluded. These are in detail but not solely: improper sizing of lifting stations, pumps and other system components, false data, drawings, performance diagrams or pricing.

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